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Red Sky

Over the land of VOID-LAND, a land on the edge of an endless void, an evil from beyond the abyss takes control over key facilities with its evil minions, who teleport into these facilities with special warp gates. Its up to you to fight your way though every single facility which has fallen, and follow the trail of warp gates back to the source; defeating the army of possessed humans and killer cyborg-minions that threaten to take over void-land! The sky goes red from the horrible death-signals, but luckily you were smart enough to buy a water filter... I bet they aren't laughing now! You grab your combat rifle- the only thing between you and the alien death squads-- go forth, and make your LAST STAND against the minions!

How To Play:

Fight your way to the end of each level by killing all the enemies. Pick up weapons and ammo, as well as health packs, to help you advance.


  • Use "WASD" to move and "C" to crouch.
  • Press "space" to jump.
  • Left-Click or press "ctrl" to fire the gun.
  • Press the escape key to quit.
  • Open up the console using "~" or "`".
  • Press "1" to select the assault rifle.
  • Press "2" to select the shotgun.
  • Press "3" to select the laser rifle.
  • Press "4" to select the laser blunderbuss.
  • Press "5" to select the Knife
  • Press "q" to select the next loaded weapon.
  • Press "e" to select the previous loaded weapon.


"My game has no sound!"

If your game does not have sound, install openAL by running the copy of oalinst.exe distributed with this game. You can also download a copy of oalinst.exe from https://www.openal.org/downloads/oalinst.zip

"My game is running slow!"

If your game runs slow, try setting the vid_vertex_light console command to 1. This makes the game run faster, but also disables the fancy light-maps and makes the game use vertex lighting.

Please read the readme.txt distributed with this game in its entirety before asking me questions about this game. If you still have questions after reading the readme.txt, feel free to email me at ika4994@gmail.com

System Requirements:

Windows XP or higher

Intel 965 GPU or higher

Intel Core 2 Duo or higher

Red Sky is ~100 megabytes uncompressed.

Install instructions

Extract the .zip file and run "Red Sky.exe". If openAL is not installed, run "oalinst.exe" to install openAL.


Red Sky 26 MB
Sigma Engine Source.zip 36 MB


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could you fix the collisions

Ika i would like it if you could make a sigma engine starters kit

Sorry but I really don't want to work on the engine anymore, I consider it too flawed for it to be worth working with for anyone else, its very broken. The code has so many corners cut and the map editor is painful to use... but you can try it out here: http://p.trumpshare.com/d9zh/hb8k.zip

If you can read through the C code you'll see how it works- but just think of it an an example that should be surpassed, not copied

I'm working on a new engine that will be something that I think other people might want to use, once its finished, I plan for it to be capable of that... although its all talk now. I think its nice that people want to use my engine, but would you really want to drive a home-made car that barley works, or use another engine that is made by a pro? :[ The choice will be very obvious if you keep going down this path.

thanks, i really hate using stuff like unity

I love this game dude

Hey really cool game


I dont have a skype but feel free to add me on steam at http://steamcommunity.com/id/ika_